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Welcome to the Economics course!

This required senior course will introduce you to the study of economics. The class will be comprised of five main units: Economic Concepts, Microeconomics, Macroeconomic Institutions, Macroeconomic Policies, and International Economics. 

We will learn about economics by reading the textbook and taking notes. Bring your Chromebooks, too,  to access current articles and information about the economy. 

We will also do activities and research projects designed to help you learn about everyday financial decisions, confronting you in your life after high school.

Be prepared for regular quizzes on both the textbook reading and in class activities. We also will have a unit test at the end of each of our units. 

You can keep up with daily assignments and study materials for our course by accessing our web page at: http://daveforrest.net/econ

If you need additional help, be sure to ask. I’ll be glad to arrange a time to meet with you during lunch or before or after school. 

Looking forward to working with you second semester.

Mr. Forrest


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