Advanced Placement Macro Economics

Advanced Placement Macro Economics is a one semester course that provides instruction in the seven main topics found on the AP test for Macroeconomics including:

  1. Basic economic concepts
  2. Measuring economic performance
  3. National income and price determination
  4. Financial sector
  5. Inflation, unemployment, and stabilization policies.
  6. Economic growth and productivity
  7. Open Economy: international trade

The course is designed to help students prepare for the AP test in May. Quizzes, tests and writing assignments are similar to the types of assessments found on the AP Macroeconomic exam. The course also teaches how to generate, label and analyze graphs, charts, and data to describe and explain economic concepts. Along with the focus on preparing for the AP tests, students will regularly read about, discuss, debate,research, and write about a variety of historical and contemporary economic issues.

This course is preparation for the Macroeconomics Advanced Placement test.  You can look at the other AP test calendar in May This spring you can prepare for AP Macroeconomics test by visiting the AP Macroecononics page and try the Sample AP Multiple Choice and Free response questions in preparation for the May Macroeconomics test.

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